Japanese version is here.

TinyAngband a *band variant where you can win in a short time. Go down to level 27 and kill Morgoth, Lord of Darkness as quickly as possible.

Current version is 0.0.3a.


Screen-shots(of Japanese version)

Compiling (for Unix and MacOSX with gcc)

Morgoth is supposed to return in the time of Dagor Dagorath, but I ignored that and had him recover early. My appologies to people bothered by such things. If you could pretend that it's an omen of Dagor Dagorath for me ...
TinyAngband is based on XAngband, but has been changed a lot (and will probably continue to change).

Copyright (c)2009- iks, PaulBlay.
TinyAngband Licence is Angband Licence.